Pit People Beta Outcomes

The Xbox One and Steam closed beta phases for Pit People have now officially come to a close, and with it we are all the much wiser! We had an incredible number of people playing passionately. From those people comes lots and lots of statistics, feedback, and valuable information. What kinds? Well, here’s just some that we thought might be interesting:


Breakdown of all the pretty pictures:

Beta Testers have proven that they know how to fight in Pit People! Over the course of the Xbox One and Steam Betas, players had a total of 1,781,369 kills and 88,338 completed missions! During this time, the players only had 269,904 deaths to their own fighters which is a 6.6 to 1 kill/death ratio.
As you can see in the infographic, Beta Testers also confirmed the unfairness of the Unfair Challenge in the Pit as they are represented as the Blue Team with a 24% success rate. Most Beta Testers were knocked out by the second round of the Unfair Challenge!
The top five most recruited creatures were the Cyclops, Hair Troll, Pixie, Wraith, and Electrobot. While the least discovered species was the Gorgon – oh how mysterious and rare she is!
With quick planning and execution by Beta Testers, the average turn time was an impressive 29 seconds and the average total battle time was 4 minutes and 47 seconds! That’s rather quick for the genre, I’d say!
The number of total battles of both the Xbox One and Steam Betas combined was 374,042 and all of that time spent in the game led to a whopping 3.3 years of combined playtime during these betas!
Now let’s go over a few more fun facts of what happened during those “3.3 years” of playtime:

  • 81% of leopards were returned to Dave the Leopard Master (Thank you for saving the animals)
  • Pipistrella only failed her mission 33% of the time (You did good going up against those Helmetites!)
  • Scrumptious was eaten 53% of the time. (Happy birthday, Dolph Dolph)
  • A Vampiress denies its recruitment 62% of the time (Vampiress is one of the nastier fighters to leave for last because of her strengths. It makes it a bit trickier to recruit her to your team)
  • Tinkletown was saved 21,317 times (Hurray for #1! No # Twos allowed!)
  • Forest of Your Mom was visited 2,791,452 times! (My mom IRL wishes I would visit that often!)


Now that the betas are over we can analyze every facet of the project and see what needs our attention most. We’re confident we’ll deliver a higher quality product thanks to all that help. Stay tuned for more information on Pit People for Xbox One & Steam!!