SDCC 2016 – Raffle Winners


Our third raffle of 2016 took place at San Diego Comic Con.

Attendees had a chance to enter the raffle at our booth and today we drew names for various prizes, including two Grand Prizes: 1 Xbox One and 1 Alienware Alpha.

Winners have been notified by email, but here’s the list for everyone to see:

Winner: CemAtli
Plush Raccoon Hat
Winner: Cem Atli
Winner: Laura Cariaga
Plush Duckshark Hat
Winner: Laura Cariaga
New Xbox One signed by our dev team
Can’t forget Mark & Lee!

GRAND PRIZE 1: New Xbox One signed by Pit People dev team
Winner: Chadwick Blackard

The autographed Alienware Alpha for the SDCC winner will look different. We’re currently still collecting signatures.
The autographed Alienware Alpha for the RTX winner will look different because we’re currently still collecting signatures.

GRAND PRIZE 2: New Alienware Alpha signed by Pit People dev team
Winner: Shari Tague

Thank you to everyone who came by our booth at Comic Con and congrats to the winners!

Our last raffle of 2016 will be held at PAX West Booth 1501. Sign up for our mailing list & raffle during Expo Hall hours between September 2-5. See some of you next month!

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