New Year, New Merch

Happy new year, everyone! We hope you’re all enjoying a day off to play some video games or enjoy the great outdoors. But if you’ve got a second during this holiday, then we want to share some great news to start the year off right!
For the first time ever, we’re selling a limited selection of our official Pinny Arcade Pins online! Originally blind boxed in our machines at PAX, this time you can choose which rare pin you want to order and keep the collectible Chonku Chonku ball that holds it.
hattytissue_redbackBehemoth Series 4
Pinny Arcade Pins – $15 Each:

(Image above: from left to right)
Raccoon Monster

Hatty Tissue Box Cover – $15:
We’ve also put up the Hatty Hattington plush tissue box cover into our online store!
Get this soft cover for your tissue boxes so you’re prepared for all occasions. Whether you shed tears of sadness or joy, Hatty will be right there with you!

Thanks again to you all for your support. Our last year felt non-stop and we kept it going for all the fans of our games. If you haven’t had a chance to see our recap post, click here.

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