The AGDQ 2016 speedrun of BBT will be Insane!

Edited: 1-11-2016
The full speedrun:



Earlier this year we had the privilege of joining the commentators for the speedrun of BattleBlock Theater in Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ), a charity video game marathon. We called in during the stream and watched them hit their goal of completing the game in 2 hours and 45 minutes with 100% of the items from each level. It was amazing to be a part of the experience and to see how well the speedrunners knew our game–they even had a few tricks we had never seen before!
For some reason, they were crazy enough to invite us back for AGDQ 2016! We have it’s a feeling because they’re insane–or at least speedrunners PJ & MechaRichter will be when they play BattleBlock Theater on insane mode!
20977730072_3a6014e85d_bThe BattleBlock Theater speedrun is tentatively scheduled for Monday, January 4th, starting at 8:11PM EST.
Our voice actor, Will Stamper, will be joining the the commentators during the live stream of the speedrun and some of our team members will also be in the chatroom during the stream!
The full AGDQ 2016 schedule has been posted here. Please keep in mind that the times get adjusted on the day of the streams due to people completing early or going overtime during their speedruns.