Castle Crashers Steam Update Out Now!

The Barbarians have taken over Castle Crashers Steam with the Barbarian Makeover update! We built a new, fast-paced multiplayer minigame just for you and your friends! Play “Back Off Barbarian” in Castle Crashers Steam and check out all the new improvements that were added in with this latest update:


– New mini game: Back Off Barbarian*
– Uncapped frame rate (FPS)
– Ultra mode: high quality textures**
– Updates to UI flow
– Russian language support added
– General bug fixes and improvements


*Back Off Barbarian Mini Game:
Our new mini game, Back off Barbarian, has replaced the previous mini game in Castle Crashers Steam edition. If you’d like to read up on our reason for why we replace All You Can Quaff, check out this page here.


**Ultra Graphics Mode:
A new optional texture quality setting located in the Game Settings Menu. Once the game has been updated, this mode will not be on by default. Players must go to the Game Settings menu and manually toggle it on. Please note, this setting will not perform the same on all systems. It is intended for use on high spec gaming systems and requires a 64-bit OS. So use at your own risk!


3 thoughts on “Castle Crashers Steam Update Out Now!”

  1. I’m loving the new update! Still not showing PS3 controller buttons on the screen when using a PS3 controller though.

  2. Hazard/BeatsBD has been telling me that Necromancer, Barbarian, and Blacksmith are buffed on the Xbox One, and all the stat pets are buffed, and all the weapons are changed. I have no idea about the characters but the pets and weapons changed for sure because I saw that when he and TheForgottenKnight were livestreaming.

    My question is why were these changes not added to steam? Somehow I just assumed that Castle Crashers Remastered was supposed to attract new players and veterans alike, and the steam release so far is only going to attract new players, because as a professional player myself, I hate to say it but I’m entirely unimpressed by this and honestly it was a weak attempt (aside from backoff barbarian that can’t possibly be bad), but BoB alone doesn’t really attract me back to the game even a tenth as much as the different weapons, pets, and characters would’ve. It honestly really irritates me that I waited an entire month or longer for this update, and didn’t even get half of the new content. Can these things be added in a future update? If so, then I wouldn’t even be upset anymore and just be happy to play all over again and get a different experience.

    And for both versions could you give reskinned characters new magic as well, so every character has their own moveset? For example give Fencer bomb projectiles, give Stoveface earth magic, give Peasant bee reskin chicken magic with different sounds, etc. This is just a personal request that you don’t need to take seriously, so don’t respond to this if not necessary, but I DO expect a response to everything else I’ve said.

    • Hello! Good eye catching these minor changes. Actually, we should clarify that characters have not been buffed at all, but there were indeed some tweaks to weapons and animal orbs that are in the Xbox One Remastered edition that we’re currently working on bringing to Steam. We had always intended on carrying over these adjustments but for various reasons it did not make it to our Barbarian Makeover update. Thanks for your patience as we work on it now. Keep on crashing castles!

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