Call for back up, Agent1!

We recently released FBI Agent1 in BattleBlock Theater in honor of Alien Hominid‘s anniversary on Newgrounds. Now, it’s time to call for back up!
Unlock FBI Agent2 by completing Furbottom’s Features in solo or co-op. This week, we have a new solo feature in both XBLA and Steam!
XBLA Solo Feature:
Square World by Pepsi illusionz
Difficulty rating: Intermediate
*We apologize for the technical difficulties we’ve had the past couple weeks. The Arena Feature and Co-Op Feature have now been updated as well. Since we also had difficulties with changing the prisoner unlocks, we are releasing FBI Agent1 & Steamroll Victim #2 as a freebie. You should receive the unlocks when you load up BattleBlock Theater and head towards an online area.
Reminder: If you own Alien Hominid HD on Xbox 360, then you will automatically unlock the Alien in BattleBlock Theater once you’ve received an achievement in both games. This is forever-ever!
AHPrisonerSteam Solo Feature:
The Grand Quest by Hectic_Puppy
Difficulty rating: Expert
*We are also unlocking Alien Hominid in Steam for a limited time only. You should receive Alien Hominid when you load up BattleBlock Theater!



Note: We are going to keep last week’s Arena Feature up next weekend as well, so there will not be any update on August 28th. We’ll be at PAX Prime with some big Behemoth announcements. Thanks for your understanding! xoxo