Drive Thru BattleBlock Theater with Wheels

FeaturePost_WheelsJuly 24th marks the unofficial, official Drive Thru Day. While it’s totally up to you whether or not you want to partake in eating your meal on the go, we figured we’d at least help you on your journey by providing Wheels.
But before you can get the keys to unlocking this shiny prisoner, you’re going to have to complete Furbottom’s Features in either solo or co-op! (Think of it as our way of doing a credit check. We need to know you’ve got the skills to handle Wheels in the theater.)
This week, we say goodbye to the Super Mega64 playlist (which you can still search for if you want to play it outside of Furbottom’s Features), and we’re saying hello to new community made playlists:
XBLA Solo Feature:
Difficulty level: Expert
Steam Solo Feature:
Ambitious – Chapter 1 (Solo) by TheJArago
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Vroom, vroom!