Barbarians all around!

barbarianWe brought back our Barbarian statue to Comic Con 2015 so that fans could have a chance at getting their mug shot with their favorite frenemy.
If you’re at San Diego Comic Con, be sure to swing by booth 229 for a photo with character statues from Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater, and Pit People.
This week, you’ll also be able to unlock the Barbarian when you finish Furbottom’s Features! Now your BattleBlock Theater mug shot will be the Barbarian, too!

You can play the solo playlist created by Mega 64, or you can check out the new Co-Op playlist in Furbottom’s Features:
XBLA Co-Op Feature:
FNAF 2 by FawnPLays
Difficulty Rating: Easy
Steam Co-Op Feature:
Season Theater by Syntaxxx
Difficulty: Expert

Happy Friday!