Cat Control returns for Astronomy Day

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope. April 25th is also International Astronomy Day! We’ve definitely got a deep appreciation for space and the technology that gets us closer to interstellar worlds. In honor of these events, we’re giving you Cat Control:
It’s not quite a space suit, and not quite a UFO, but it’s definitely out of this world! Enjoy this special unlock by loading up BattleBlock Theater. While you’re already in there, be sure to check out the new Arena Feature!
XBLA Featured Arena Playlist:
Arcademania by Dann2442
Steam Featured Arena Playlist:
ncr_soccerpack by ncrecc
Note: If you already unlocked CatControl in the past, then you will not get a notification this time. You can find the special prisoner in your player set up under the star category.