A TripleThreat returns to BattleBlock Theater

FeaturePost_TripThreatToday is National Sibling Day! There’s no other person(s?) who understands the importance of family bonding more than TripleThreat! These three can’t stand being apart ever…or is it that they can’t stand, if they’re apart? In any case, in the spirit of Sibling Day, we’re giving you three prisoners in the body of one!
Just head into BattleBlock Theater and go towards an online feature in the game to unlock this prisoner. If you already have TripleThreat in your list of Star prisoners, then you won’t be getting the notification.
While you’re already in the game, you may as well take advantage of our awesome new Arena Features made by the community!
XBLA Arena Feature
battle modes by NightBone2012


Steam Arena Feature

DopeOut Arena by echoplex