A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet

A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet–but we still call it Rose anyway. We’re feeling sweet today, so we’re giving you all flowers when you load up BattleBlock Theater on Steam or Xbox!
We’d like to give virtual flowers to our Arena Playlist Creation Contest winners as well! They were featured previously, but it seems most appropriate to start out 2015 with a strong set of levels. Give it up again for two of the best community-made arena playlists of 2014:


Arena Features in BattleBlock Theater
XBLA Arena Feature:
Arcadia by MeltedCow
Bang for your buck — that’s what this playlist offers its players. Many of the levels in this playlist feel like two levels in one! Switches, paths and judicious use of clever block placement generate levels that can evolve and change as you play or offer great risk/reward benefits as you decide which paths to take. Be sure to check out the final stage in this playlist where you can adjust your difficulty, strategy and even your score objective. It’s the ultimate expression of this particular concours ultimate playlist!
Steam Arena Feature:
Game of Kings by Frog Fractions (formerly Hexadoodle)
Checkmate. Dramatically, this playlist was the last playlist we saw when judging the competition. Just like the pivotal move in a chess match — you know, besides stalemates or dumping the pieces on the floor — this playlist bested its competition through cunning design and execution. Each level within this playlist is creatively themed around chess, its pieces and their movements. You’ll be chopping wood throughout this full complement of friendly game modes. A book-win for Frog Fractions!

Enjoy your weekend with some fun fighting!