Holiday Sale on Steam!


Tis the season to be jolly! And what better way to be jolly than to play video games with loved ones — or just have some quality “me time.” Now might be a good time to shop for what you’ve always wanted or get the perfect gift for friends!
From now until January 2nd, 2015 (wow this sale runs until next year!), you can get Castle Crashers Steam and BattleBlock Theater Steam at 75% OFF!
We’ve also applied the discounts to our Can’t Stop Laughing Bundle (1 copy of Castle Crashers + 1 copy of BattleBlock Theater) and Ultra Baby’s Co-Op Chaos Pack (2 copies of BattleBlock Theater) so they reflect the prices of the individual copies during the sale. An even bigger discount is applied if either game is a part of a Daily Deal, Flash Sales, or Community Deals (picks by the community).
Castle Crashers DLC is still at the low price of $0.99 USD and all proceeds go to charity (as they always do!). The two DLC packs are Pink Knight Pack and Blacksmith Pack.
Remember that if you own both Castle Crashers Steam and BattleBlock Theater Steam, then you automatically get cross-over characters! We call it the Can’t Stop Crying Pack in Castle Crashers and you get the Castle Crashers knight as a playable character in BattleBlock Theater: