Happy Cyber Monday!

See! Look how happy Cyber Monday is today. We’re giving out this prisoner gift to those who play BattleBlock Theater on Steam or XBLA. All you need to do is head over to an online area in the game and it will unlock!
Also, if you missed it on Thursday, Turkey is still available! Get both prisoner unlocks before they get locked up again on Friday, December 5th.


5 thoughts on “Happy Cyber Monday!”

  1. I still don’t get what they mean by “head over to an online area.” does that mean to join a lobby online, or is it a specific area in the game? Because I’ve played online today and haven’t gotten either this or the Turkey Head.

  2. I loaded solo furbottom’s features today and got both the cybermonday head and one I think they called “fat kid”. I tried redoing the solo finale and got nothing new.

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