You’re looking a little barbaric today

Oh. That’s a new look for you! Barbaric much?
With Castle Crashers upcoming anniversary on August 27th, we thought it would be appropriate to give you Barbarian once you finished the BattleBlock Theater Furbottom’s Features! If you play through the new featured co-op playlist then Barbarian will unlock at the end of your journey.
In XBLA : “reflexes” by “dentrolee”
In Steam : Cyanile by Cyanite


As an added bonus, you’ll be getting Little Feets (teehee) as soon as you load up an online area in the game. You get to got for two brawny looks this week!

24 thoughts on “You’re looking a little barbaric today”

  1. Do these take like a day to change or something? I’ve noticed before when they change that in the first night they’re always down.

  2. Why does it always say that the battleblock theater server is not available every time I click on it?

  3. Please fix this guys! I’m getting “The Battleblock Theater service is not available. Please try again later.” on XBLA Co-Op Furbottom’s Features.

  4. Giving away the barbarian for anyone who has:
    Cat control
    Scuba steve
    Tiny Cyclops
    My gamertag:Jamboolie
    Server: arena star head only on the Xbox 360

    • Well, I’m glad to finally see a prisoner that I need for my collection. Unfortunately, it seems that my fine motor skills haven’t yet recovered enough to complete all of the featured levels by myself. :p

      So, I may need to take you up on your offer LavabrusH215. I’ll have to check and see which prisoners I have on my alt gamertag. I used to unlock dupes for trading, but stopped that practice months ago.

    • Looks like I still have Cyclops & Peeps here in custody. I’ll send you the paperwork for the prisoner exchange via Xbox Live.

  5. Giving away winston for anyone willing to give the unicorn gametes Jamboolie, reply in the next hour if you want to do it

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