BattleBlock Theater – Giving you the Boot

Happy Furbottoms Friday! We’re updating the BattleBlock Theater Arena Features in both XBLA and Steam today. You’re going to have so much fun with your friends and enemies as you battle to see who reigns supreme on the courts in Ball game (XBLA) or on golden blocks in King of the Hill (Steam) . Here are this week’s Arena Features:


BattleBlock Theater XBLA Arena Feature:
Connball v1 by Conntraband


BattleBlock Theater Steam Arena Feature:
Hill’s Kingdom by SaltOnToast


Oh, and guess what? A new and soleful addition to the prisoner roster has been delivered to your digital doorstep. We’re giving you the Boot in BattleBlock Theater! Make sure you pick him, her or it up from the theater lobby while supplies last.


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