Virtual Party Town on Twitch – May 15th


It’s almost here! The launch of BattleBlock Theater on Steam! If you haven’t read it already, here are the words of our leader in a public conversation with himself and viewers like you: BBT Steam Release Date Announcement.


If you’re just as excited as we are about the release of BattleBlock Theater on Steam, then we hope you’ll join us from 3:30PM-5:00PM PDT on our TwitchTV channel. This Twitch stream will be following our Reddit AMA (which starts at 10:30AM PDT).


We’ll be celebrating the launch live by playing through the game and giving all of you on the interwebs a chance to win some prizes! We’ll be doing a contest to give out BattleBlock Theater Duckshark hats and Raccoon hats, but you’re going to have to come on the stream to find out how to enter!


Get ready for May 15th! #BuckleYourPants #BattleBlockTheater