The Last of The Final Five Revealed

You’ve waited all this time for the last of The Final Five in BattleBlock Theater to be revealed, and seeing as how it’s Valentine’s Day and all, we decided to just give you the last 2 new prisoners so that you could make it a double date!



What, both? Just like that?? Well, call us a bunch of hopeless romantics, but we just couldn’t separate these two:



Aw… the magic of organ-theft. You might suspect the Thief to be a bit of a gold-digger, but I think we all know why he spent Castle Crashers sitting up in a tree… and it probably went something like K-I-S-S-I-N-G.


And for those times when wearing your heart on your sleeve isn’t enough, this holiday, why not show that special someone you care by wearing your heart right on your face. If they don’t run away screaming, you’ve got a keeper.


Just try to remember to keep it T for Teen when you two start flirting with disaster.



The Thief is unlocked when you finish either the solo or co-op Furbottoms Features playlist. But not until the very end when you’ve beat the last level. Check out a sneak preview of the new cooperative Furbottoms Features playlist, Togetherwefail3.


Ms. Pump will unlock as long as you’re signed into Xbox LIVE and head towards an online feature in BattleBlock Theater.


49 thoughts on “The Last of The Final Five Revealed”

  1. so since the final heads are released will you release heads that some people missed. also what will happen next once we all get the heads?

  2. Thanks 😀
    Can you release the “Prisoners Population Chart” whit all heads now? I want use it like a poster…. ;D

  3. im pretty sure there is more to come no? so far 60 +2 new ones this week is 62 arent there 64 total star heads????????????????

    • actually 63.Maybe you didn’t include he derpy star, if not you are missing 1 and I’m sorry for you.Look back and see if you miscounted.

    • actually 63.Maybe you didn’t include the derpy star, if not you are missing 1 and I’m sorry for you.Look back and see if you miscounted.

  4. I have 63/64. They must have forgot to release one? Can’t find any information about this anywhere. I check this site often and decided to make an account to see if I could find out, where’s Megan? I usually see her answering people on these comments. Someone get me Megan, haha.

  5. I am really mad because the BBT services are unavailable and I’ve been trying to get the thief head and the servers have been unavailable please fix this but I’m just one kid so I guess I don’t make a difference

  6. I won’t to mention that there is 8 missing weapons slots not sure if your going to do something with that or just leave it. I would LOVE to get new weapons for this game just a thought you guys can do or you already had this planned plz respond back to MEGAN I need an answer plz :3

      • Well we’ll have to wait for what megan says to find out if they will add new weapons. I also have been talking to my friend boboBgood (you can find his comment up above) over Xbox and we have thoughts about the last head being on the games birthday and it being Hatty Hattington!

  7. I just noticed if you take a look at the str heads they are in categories for example the castle crashed stuff is next to each other and Christmas so I noticed that the last head is inbetween hatzilla and the lizard hat guy so them close to each other means hat so that is a great piece of evidence towards the final ephead being Hatty I have maybe solved you guys Behemoth plz tell me MEGAN! PLZ

      • i just hope i was right and they release him this Friday not some re-release i don’t need i mean they should just release the last one and then re-release cause i don’t want to have to wait until the birthday if Hatty comes out they should have like 5 re-release at the same time for their birthday cause I want Hatty SO bad. p.s if the final head is not Hatty i will forever hate Battleblock Theater and so will my friends.

  8. I hope I don’t get a warning point for this but tizzum that’s b.s(battle stats) we all know that bbt Is the best arcade game ever. I will never stop playing bbt as long as I still have a xbox360. and I don’t think all you friends will forever hate bbt I think your just going to cry in a little corner while your friend play the best arcade game ever bro >:(.

  9. no tizzum just get them to write it on this forum where I can see if they do hate battle block theater. and if you get 10 people write how much they hate bbt I will give you 1 star head unless you have hem all.

  10. nvm i got it to work and that vid with big chin was released in 2011 an alot was removed form the game in the time period so that could have been just a removed cylinder head you can buy from the gift shop it doesn’t look like big chin would be the FINAL head i mean the final has to be big not big chin i don’t think that big chin will fit in the hat category sorry to burst you bubble i truly am sorry for this but i still think that its hatty i mean come on last head is smack dab in the middle of all the heads and inbetween HAT start heads HATty HATtington i mean come on its not big chin.

  11. Hey guys. So what level in furbottoms feature do we have to beat to get theif head? I log in but the only one I get is a series of levels I used to get a different prisoner head and I’m afraid I’m going to miss the theif and have to wait another year to get him again. Anyone know or willing to trade me the theif head would be sweet. Thanks

    • I had the same issue mate. If the levels you have already done were done solo, you must do the current feature on co-op. And you have to complete all the levels apart from the last 3 timed ones.

      • you can redo the solo feature as well even though you have completed them all don’t let the green checks trick you if the co-op one change and the solo didn’t it means you can redo it.

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