5 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year!”

  1. Isn’t this year the year of the pig? If I’m wrong someone can correct me on that.
    Anyway, Happy New Year World!

    • And here I am to correct you lol psych.Seriously though it’s the happy lunar new year of the horse.Let us all celebrate by playing capture the horse.(Wait isn’t that hurting the horses?Nahh.. the behemoth wouldn’t do that,right?)

  2. It would be awesome if they made a tofu star head for this special occasion.(Plz let it happen,plz let it happen,plz let it happen.)No negativity plz this is what I want to happen and is my final wish.And yes I know that is sad. πŸ™

    • Tofu horse as a star head Heck Yeah! ps don’t make the the feature to hard i bet those features are full of dead bodys

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