It’s Coming…The Behemoth Monster Playlists

Our BattleBlock Theater (BBT) Level Design team has concocted content for your consumption. When we were developing BattleBlock Theater, we built into the game the level editor not only for the community, but for occasions like these to continue creating official playlists by us and sharing them with our fans for free.

So, this holiday season, download the new monstrously packed solo and cooperative playlists made by us, The Behemoth. We’re highlighting it in Furbottoms Features so that you can download the Momentum Monster and CoMentum Monster for FREE in BattleBlock Theater. Yes, official Behemoth-made content created just for you!

Load up your full version of BBT between 12/13/2013 and 12/26/2013 to download the playlist from Furbottoms Features. Complete either playlist between that time to get the new special prisoner unlock: THE MONSTER.
Starting 12/27/2013, the playlist will be found in the Community Theater and the prisoner will no longer be attached to the completion of those levels.
Learn more about how to use the level editor to create your own levels that could be future featured! Check out our forums for all the tips. We plan on producing more levels on our end in future time as well. Until then, enjoy our exciting trailer for our Monster Playlists:


7 thoughts on “It’s Coming…The Behemoth Monster Playlists”

  1. Looking forward to the head. In the meantime, I’ll be busy laughing at helpless “pros” that will give me anything for my Troll head.

  2. That trailer looks promising, and because of the length of this feature, I won’t miss one after all! Thanks for the birthday Behemoth!


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