Play with the Devs: Halloween Ep – RECAP

Happy Halloween! If you missed our live stream of Play with the Devs: Halloween Edition, have more fear because it’s uploaded here (on our YouTube channel).

In part one of our Halloween episode of Play with the Devs, we had a bit of fun with our costumes and decorations to start off the live stream. Then we went straight into revealing a new prisoner, PEEPS, and then showed off an upcoming solo playlist for Furbottoms Features. This was a sneak peek of the solo playlist, made by our very own level design team, which will go up in the near future (mystery!).
In part two of our Halloween episode, Kyle (aka Captain Murder Face) must try to kill the two team members (the female victims) at least 3 times in the level. If he succeeds, then they must be punished in real life with lemon bites. However, if he fails to kill them 3 times within the level, Kyle gets to suck on the lemon! This was a custom built arena playlist made by the level design team specifically for the Twitch Tv live stream to enjoy maximum punishment pleasure.
In part 3 of this episode, we played against the community and did a bit of Soul Snatcher. The highest cumulative scores from a community team won some free keychains! Also, there was a bit of a return of the lemons from part 2. You can check out the segments we did for the Halloween episode below in three parts:

Also, here are a few looks at behind the scenes preparations for this Halloween episode. Click on each picture for a larger version.
pwtdhalloween2 pwtdhalloween3 pwtdhalloween4 pwtdhalloween5 pwtdhalloween6

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