Happy National Cat Day!

Today, we celebrate National Cat Day with a new special prisoner unlock in BattleBlock Theater!
Now, we’ve been asked several times if we have something against cats since BBT centers around a theater full of evil cats who make their prisoners do unspeakable things on stage. The answer is no. We love cats (Tom, Ian, Anna, Aaron and I have cats)! The Theater just happens to be filled with technologically advanced felines with sinister intentions.
FeaturePost_HOOSHMANDAnd in BattleBlock Theater, there are also cats who have be held captive by the theater cat captors. Meet Hooshmand, The Wise. He’s been laying low until now and he’s broken free. Now you just have to help release Hooshmand from the theater!
Sign in to Xbox LIVE and load up the full version of BattleBlock Theater to unlock Hooshmand, The Wise.