Paul and The Dad – New BattleBlock Theater Prisoners

Happy Friday! We have a new Arena Feature of BattleBlock Theater and we’ve just released two new prisoners in the game. All players have to do is sign in to Xbox LIVE and load up the full version of BBT to get these two new special prisoners.


Don’t worry, Paul only does that when he wants to get your attention. And he only wants to get your attention when you are in danger, because Paul cares about you. Of course, you ARE in BattleBlock Theater, so that’s pretty much all of the time.
Do you know “the ropes”? I don’t know what that means, but The Dad does; I think it may involve fixing swings. And while there are no swings in BattleBlock Theater, this also isn’t The Dad’s “first time to the Rodeo”, and BattleBlock Theater is quite a bit like a rodeo…


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