Furbottoms Friday: I See You & Toothbrush

I See You...have completed Furbottom's Features. Huzzah!
I See You…have completed Furbottom’s Features. Huzzah!

Welcome back to another week of Furbottoms Fridays, where we bring you the best of our favorite user created playlists in BattleBlock Theater. The things people can make with the level editor are amazing!

Today, we have two new playlists, a solo and a co-op playlist, that can be accessed via the Furbottoms Features section of BattleBlock Theater. Click HERE to read more about the playlists and what stands out in the levels in this forum post written by our Lead Level Designer at The Behemoth, Aaron Jungjohann.



Also, if you don’t already know, when you complete one of the playlists in its entirety, you will be getting a free prisoner unlock in the game! See what you get this week…

FeaturePost_TOOTHBRUSHAnd as an added bonus for the next week only, you’ll be rewarded a new prisoner unlock just for signing into Xbox LIVE and loading up BattleBlock Theater.

Please play responsibly with others and use this prisoner as a reminder to brush your teeth. Go up to your fellow teammates or enemies and brush against them. It’ll be Hi-Larious!

Happy Friday, y’all!