Castle Crashers 5-Years & NEW BBT Special Prisoner

Five years ago, we released our second game title: Castle Crashers. It started off on Xbox LIVE, then a couple years later it was on PlayStation and most recently we joined the Steam community.

Thanks to the support of our fans we were able to reach over 4 million downloads across the three different platforms since 2008! It has both motivated and allowed us to continue pursuing our dream of making original content for games.

FeaturePost_GIRAFFEYFor the super fans of Castle Crashers and our recently released Xbox LIVE title, BattleBlock Theater, we have unlocked a special prisoner just for you! One of my favorite animal orbs is being released into the puzzling world of BBT:


All you have to do is sign in to Xbox LIVE and boot up your full version of BattleBlock Theater. Once you’re in the game, click around a bit in the menus and Giraffey should unlock for you.