BattleBlock Theater Beta Ends March 10th

This weekend will be the end of the BattleBlock Theater Beta on March 10th, 9PM PST! We’ll be ending it with a big online “party” with our Play with the Devs event to close the Beta! This is an exclusive event for our Beta Testers only as a thank you and the invite even came with a poem written just for them!

The forums, the surveys,
Helpful bug reports,
Exacting Muckle vengeance,
Bountiful yelled retorts.

Ending such bliss is painful,
Hurtful, and quite sad.
Everyone’s been helpful, but we
Must soldier on, my lad!

Often will we think of you, while
Triply sifting through your notes.
Humbly, we thank you… with a
Love letter?! Maybe?! Totes!

Of course, you probably realize,
Vainly as we’ve tried to say, the
End of the Beta is drawing near,
Sunday is the last day (!!!).

You should join us then, for Ye
Olde Dev and Beta Tester Tiff,
Upon the hour of one ’til three (PST)!
<3, ’til we punch you off a cliff.

-Poem by Lindsay @ The Behemoth, with <3s from the Behemoth Dev Team

Thanks again for everyone’s help with this Beta! Special thanks to PlayXBLA, Joystiq, Co-Optimus, XBLA Fans, The Nerd Magazine and IGN for helping hosts contests on their sites! And a big THANK YOU to Microsoft for their help through this process.

We look forward to continuing our work to improve the game and releasing BattleBlock Theater in spring 2013!