What’s your story, BattleBlock prisoner?


It’s the last week of January 2013. Do you know what that means? It means that a full month has already passed since the end of the world, according to the Mayan calendar. It also means that we’re getting closer to the BattleBlock Theater Closed Beta!

This week, the BattleBlock Theater Close Beta Official Contest will be held on Co-Optimus. You have until the end of the work week (or school week) to enter in their contest for a chance to get a reserved spot just for you! The Behemoth will only accept 10,000 participants for the beta, which we will select based on a number of things, so these contests are a great opportunity to exercise your creativity and luck.


So how do you win access from Co-Optimus?  Since the entire “cast” of BattleBlock Theater are technically prisoners – Co-Optimus crew want to know what you did to get yourself locked up.  Leave your crime in the comments on their contest page and they’ll randomly pick 10 winners after the contest closes on Friday, February 1st at 11:59EST.

Read the full rules of their contest HERE.


BBTpushNOTE: Even if you win the Beta spot, you MUST qualify according to the BBT Beta Terms & Conditions and have all the prerequisites fulfilled. Of course, we will need you to be registered on the Beta Registration Form. The process is the same, but you will be guaranteed a spot! Good luck!

Participants are eligible for only one guaranteed beta spot from any official contest. For example, if you won a spot from the week one contests, you are no longer eligible to win any additional contests.