Alien Hominid HD – June Leaderboard Winners

The contest is now closed! We had three awesome weekly leaderboard scores for the main Alien Hominid HD game on medium difficulty. Mini-game players also had a chance to show off their skills and work hard at the monthly leaderboard scores for PDA Games (Ranked match) and Super Soviet Missile Mastar. Too late to enter now, but if you’re curious what sorts of hoops they had to jump through and who qualified to enter, you can check out the contest rules here.

All five winners will be getting their very own Alien Hominid HD leaderboard trophy! Here’s an idea of what it will look like minus the personalized engraved base underneath:


Congratulations to the following players:

Alien Hominid HD – Medium Difficulty – Weekly Leaderboard
6/16/2012: Poopisgood007 – 321,914 points
6/23/2012: Those 30 Ninjas – 1,000,701 points
6/30/2012: X Inkie – 151,369 points

PDA Games – Ranked Match – Monthly Leaderboard
6/30/2012: Youhakuwra – 21,300 points

Super Soviet Missile Mastar – Most KM Traveled Leaderboard
6/30/2012: Utter Pownage 5 – 17,961 points