PAX East, a story told in pictures

Did you ever go over to your friend’s house and build a fort? Pretty fun, right? You could say that PAX east was a bit like that. Now, if your fort held over a half ton of arcade cabinet and was visited by a few thousand of your closest friends, well, then I’d say it was almost exactly like that. Also, wow, you had one awesome childhood- we salute you. Now that Team Boston has sufficiently recovered from the Boston tundra, we wanted to share with you some of the behind the scenes trials and triumphs of this year’s PAX east, all through the magic of jpegs!

We hope you had fun at our little island in the sea of gaming goodness that is PAX East. We also hope Battleblock Theater gave you a chance to meet new friends… and that you then threw them head first into a grenade/laser beam/wall of spikes 🙂

hit the jump for picture assault!

-Aaron, citizen of Behemothtown, district of Testopia

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