Castle Crashers is XBLA 2008 Game of the Year!

The people have spoken, and you voted Castle Crashers  “2008 Game of the Year” in the 2nd annual Xbox LIVE Arcade Awards!!  We were up against some stiff competition with all the great games that came out last year,  so we are very appreciative of this honor.

The XBLA community also voted Castle Crashers  Best Original Game” and “Best Co-op Mode“. A BIG thank you to all who voted, you are the wind beneath our chicken wings!  Seriously, we have the best fans in the whole world.

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13 thoughts on “Castle Crashers is XBLA 2008 Game of the Year!”

  1. Excellent 🙂 Though there is no Russia on the Xbox LIVE’s map – just as on the map of your shop, dear alternatively-gifted-in-geography people 😛 – nevertheless Soviet Russia’s Missle Mastars voted for you, and, thanks to that, you won! Now you’re all commies, hahaha >:D

    And it’s like we’re all behemoths a little… Seriously speaking, thank you very much for Castle Crashers! Before CC I couldn’t imagine the game I would complete 15 times.

    From Russia with love @}->–

  2. I agree, this game rawks, but I wish they wouldn’t work on Game 3… yet. I have so many ideas they could add into Caslte Crashers, they could update it and make it so much better than humanly possible! =D Like, work more on the multiplayer, like keep the small up to 4 player small matches in Arena. But then add in a type where you can have more people, and teams! Like have up to 8 players with a 4v4! And make even a whole other section of story to the game, like an extended campaign, it could totally be done! Me and my friends have talked about this for HOURS cuz we love this game 😛

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