Castle Crashers Release Date…..No, seriously.

August 27th, 2008 is our release date. I’m sure you will read it everywhere else before you read it here, but hey that’s just the way these things happen sometimes. We are excited, and relieved to finally be able to say,  Castle Crashers releases on August 27th!

As we get closer to the release date, which is conveniently 2 days before we attend the Penny Arcade Expo we want to make sure your first day of playing Castle Crashers is going to be freakishly enjoyable. With that said we are excited to announce that one of the unlockable characters in Castle Crashers is our little yellow friend Alien Hominid. The best part about this is that if you have purchased the full version of Alien Hominid HD you will have automatically received this unlock on your Castle Crashers character select screen the day you purchase the game.  (August 27th, 2008) We wanted to make sure to include this for all of our fans out there who supported us with the purchase of Alien Hominid HD. If it wasn’t for your support we might not be here today.

More to come later as soon as we unpack from Comic-Con and get our office back in some working order. Microsoft is also having an awesome “Summer of Arcade” promotion where every time you download Castle Crashers you receive one entry for a chance to win 100,000 Microsoft Points, 12 month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription, and an Xbox 360 Elite console.

One last thing for all of the people who have asked this question, “When is Castle Crashers coming out?”,

August 27th, 2008

August 27th, 2008

August 27th, 2008

August 27th, 2008

August 27th, 2008



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  1. everyone be calm! goddamn i got a way to silence this!

  2. well im not the only person that uses this name. i used it after seeing it used on here and figuring that was the closest thing to “anon”.

  3. This game should be no more than 800MSP. If Bionic Commando can be 800MSP with so much content so can Castle Crashers.

    You could get games like Forza 2, DMC4, Bioshock, Oblivion and etc (used), for the same price as Castle Crashers. and thats having a physical copy with a manual (which you can resell after you finish the game if you want to). Basically Castle Crashers is competing with used 360 Retail games.

    To people who argue saying this could have easily been a retail game
    if it was $22.50 (same as 1800MSP) for a disc version brand new, it would be worth it because its a physical copy with a manual that you can also resell, rent, lend to friend etc. But the FACT is it is a XBLA game, meaning cutting the middle man out (retail shops) so we can get it for cheap. This game should be no more than 1200MSP.

    All i know this game would have sold like hotcakes if it was 800MSP. By looking at other gaming blogs and forums, i can already tell many people would have bought this for 800MSP. So many people are now put off, which means so many potential sales for this game has been lost. I hope the developers are smart enough to reduce this to 800MSP (or atleast 1200MSP).

  4. Also dont blame MS, blame the developer. MS lets the developer choose how much they want to charge the game for

    if developers dont get the freedom to charge whatever they want. They would just end up developing for WiiWare and PSN. If 800MSP was the limit, we would not have Puzzle Quest, Lumine’s Live, Street Fighter 2 HDR (meant to be more than 800), Penny Arcade etc. People who think more than 800 is a RIP OFF should not buy the game, that will force the developer to reduce the games price. This has happened to Puzzle Quest, Lumines, Doom, Small Arms, Assault Heroes, Jetpac Refueled, Bionic Commando (was going to be more than 800, until people complained), Marble Blast, Bankshot Billiards, Zuma.

    So i say we all BOYCOTT and NOT BUY this game until its for a fair price. Even if the developer does refuse to reduce the price i am still not buying this game, i have a whole backlog of games i havent finished, plus so many incredible upcoming games are also coming out.

  5. i agree and disagree…..
    i mean, people are still going to buy the game, and they still might not lower the price.
    then again, w00t CC i wanna play now

  6. People should buy this instead

    Bionic Commando ReArmed is confirmed to be 800 points

    It has incredible graphics
    old school gameplay
    local co-op for the whole single player game
    online and local vs deathmatch
    challenge mode (has around 50 challenges i think
    and some other mode i forgot

    Now i know Castle Crashers has nearly as much features but its 1800 points compared to 800MSP for BC. Everyone should learn from Capcom, on how to release a quality title, with tons of content for incredible price (800MSP).

  7. i declare KAL on mutiny!
    if you love BCA so much why dont you marry it!
    this is a blog of CC
    go on another blog and talk about that
    while your at it drop yer balls

  8. I should point out that Capcom can afford to release at whatever price point they want; indies such as Behemoth HAVE to make it worth for them. Several publishers have XBLA content running at a loss (sometimes quite significant).

  9. KAL you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. My money is that the Behemoth is just as surprised by this as you guys are (if its even true). MS is a company and if they are putting the game out onto their system they probably have final say as to what they want to charge. Remember they get a percentage of sales too. Wait for the Behemoth to make an announcement.

  10. Who cares if Behemoth are a small indie company. The consumers should not worry about development costs, time the game took to develop etc. Thats for the developer to worry about. If its a fair value, that is all that matters to us consumers. We shouldnt feel sorry for the company and pay extra to support them, Behemoth is not our friend, they are a business. Basically they seen that this game had alot of buzz and good reception, so they thought they can afford to charge 1800MSP. This game should be no more than 1200MSP.

    I could buy a used version of Oblivion (which has much more content, and can be resold, rented etc) or buy Bionic Commando (which has around the same amount of content for less than double the price) or buy an Xbox Original (which is 600MSP cheaper and has more content).

  11. KAL said
    \"Behemoth is not our friend, they are a business. Basically they seen that this game had alot of buzz and good reception, so they thought they can afford to charge 1800MSP. This game should be no more than 1200MSP.\"

    This is completely unfounded I highly doubt they sat around and were like hey lets screw our fans. How about you all wait for an announcement from the behemoth before you start pointing fingers.

  12. i have to agree with billie an the others here why is everyone blowing this all out of proportion and everything nothing has officially been released so theres no evidence so just chill and even if it is 1800 its still defiantly worth it with the content and amount which could easily could be just sold as a full game costing at least twice as much

    so just wait at least we know when its coming out no point taking the piss trying demanding to know more when there keeping us as updated as they can : D

  13. I think Castle Crashers looks great and would pay 1600 pts for it (not sure about 1800) and agree that 1200 would be the perfect price point.

    Kal: “If its a fair value, that is all that matters to us consumers. ”

    I think we can all agree that Castle Crashers has a whole lot more features/content than the average XBLA release, so let’s not get up in arms about a price point higher than 800 MS points. This game deserves to be more than $10…maybe its even worth $20+. If any game deserves to hae the highest Price yet, i believe Castle Crashers is that game.

  14. I’ll buy another point card for this game, which will cost £17.50. This game is less than half the price of a new release title on a DVD, and has more content, unlockables and replayability than games people are more than willing to pay £40 for.

    You don’t have to buy 2 point cards my Merkins from across the pond, you can just buy 2000 points directly from your dashboard.

    I am surprised at this price though as there are alot of people who have exactly the same reaction alot of you guys are having, “OMGooses! an arcade game for 1800 points, must be a ripoff!” and won’t buy it. You’re getting too wound up in the fact it’s an arcade release rather than basing your purchase on the merits (or lack of) of the game.

  15. i agree with all the comments from 10 away
    1800 is not a big deal,
    halo3 was a hugely anticipated game, and it rocks
    BUT what if it sucked? people would still buy it! but in this case its about the msp

  16. I think people are giving this too much credit saying it has TONS of content and depth as much as a retail game.

    It has 20 levels (which are not even that long)
    Arena modes (basically a VS mode, which doesnt look as fun as the main game)
    20 different characters you can level up (all the characters play similarly anyway so who cares).

    I think at most this game will be 4-6 hours long, and the Arena modes dont really add much replay value. Infact alot of XBLA games have as much content (Gripshift, Bionic Commando, Puzzle Quest etc).

    At the end of the day 1800MSP means the game is competing with used 360 retail games, Xbox Originals (which are 600MSP cheaper). People who buy this are supporting developers charging more for XBLA games. After having countless awfull games for 800MSP like Coffetime Crosswords (which no one hardly buyed) I thought Castle Crashers would be a game thats finally worth 800MSP (instead its 1800MSP). I guess i still have Bionic Commando and Geometry Wars 2 for 800MSP which are quality games for a good price.

  17. KAL again you are making it seem as if it is up to the sole discretion of the developer to set the price when that is not accurate.

  18. Thank you for the update, Franklin. It seems we’ll just need to wait until it is ready to launch to find out the official price. Let’s hope it isn’t higher than 1800, because the article didn’t state the price was higher than the real one, just that it wasn’t the correct price.

  19. Come on guys, chill. This is getting out off hand. Read the link that Franklin put up.

    August 25th is when they’ll tell us the price.

  20. Meh, i still have to wait to see the reception to decide whether to buy it for 1800 pts. I bought Penny Arcade and was a bit unsatisfied

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