Castle Crashers on G4

Castle Crashers was recently featured on X-Play’s Under the Radar over at Check it out! Too bad they used our old video trailer that Dan hates.



45 thoughts on “Castle Crashers on G4”

  1. hey whats with the black thing with eye lasers in the homepage? and why did u guys change the life/magic bars? i liked the old ones :/

  2. The new ones are so much better. what colors would you put for all the other characters because the old ones were color coded to each of the knights

  3. yes, i love your art style dan, and i prefer the new magic/live bars because the old ones
    dont have the picture of the character and dont show the secondary weapon and

    chicos 1 the black thing with eye lasers in the homepage is a barbarian that only
    have light eyes but dont have lasers.

  4. duble post srry, but i meant the big black thing with bloody teeth shooting a laser at the chariot. and i never noticed that the old one didnt have pics of the characters. new ones r ok but i liked the old ones…

  5. ok, for you chicos 1 but i like more the new ones and i dont now wath is the big black
    thing that ahe lasers.

  6. hey,chicos 1 says you dont look the old ones, only have color for example:
    if you selec the saracen this is confused whit the orange knight because the color
    and you cant know the secon weapon i prefer the new ones.

  7. Chicos 1, that I would assume is a troll that you are trying to describe, basing it off the same look as the troll animal orb. I saw that picture too (from for the still confused) and was just as confused as you. Sadly, it only changes every time you open a new window (for me at least) of your internet browser, and it changes from a large array of pictures.

    But you have to agree with me, the new layout is AWESOME πŸ˜€

  8. Could someone tell us in what stage the game is in the certification process? Like is it gonna pass any minute now or was it like totally rejected? What has been said about the game?

  9. Well there\’s a youtube video of that big troll thing where you hop on a deer and have to escape from it inside a barn.

  10. DEVS!

    aleksi and most of us probably would like to know, if you guys are “working with microsoft day and (most nights)” then what stage of cert is it in?

  11. Love to see that the game is getting out there. Looking at the old trailer, I noticed that you changed the health and magic meters from the demo I played at PAX. I love them. It looses a little of the old school feel, but the character portraits look incredible and go a lot better with the look of the rest of the game.

    As a side note, I would love to see this on PSN as well, but I know you guys have to do the XBLA exclusive deal for a while.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the game again!!!

  12. Hey could someone tell me or show me what the old and new life bars are???

    because i really don’t pay attention πŸ˜€

  13. umm….. just to throw something every1s thinking out……


  14. hey, snaipercat the new bars have a picture of the character that you select and
    show your secondary weapon and have a little bar that show the experiens that you have and when this bar is complete you level up! the old bars only have colors and
    dont show the picture the secondary weapon etc…
    for me the new ones are best!

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