There have been some requests to post some action shots of the characters as they are revealed. For the time being I am going to start adding screenshots of each characters while they are in battle, and as time permits I’ll try to get some video up too. In the meantime here is our latest unlockable character that we’ve been referring to as the Brute.

I’m not sure why he is riding a deer in this picture, but the image just made me laugh so I went with it. In addition here are some action shots with the Brute while in our Arena mode.


Edit: I’ve just been informed that we will be switching out our poll on Friday. So you still have some time to vote for your favorite orb.  Poor Seahorse is getting no love 🙁


35 thoughts on “Brute!”

  1. Damn, this guy looks awesome. And their is still many more to come!
    Also please make Alien Hominid a secret character, I love him! And he could fit in so well!

  2. he looks awsome and twisted imp i think they did put a guy in a alien homonid suit in the game but its probably not the real alien hominid

  3. the alien hominid character is in there…err a “newer” version of him. its on a youtube video, the link is in the pumpkin peeler comments

  4. So this means that there will be a certain extent of personalized magic and special attacks for every character? Sweet!

    (Also if you want a laugh you can check out my fan comic on the forums… poor red knight!)

  5. the weapon is a two pronged sword. Cool game though, the brute looks like a samurai. And my gamertag is PuceSpatanist. Feel free to add me , i hav a 99 lvl too.

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