Gnarly Arms

Comic Con feels like it is just around the corner because of all the things we want to do this year and my to do list is a mile long. Back in 2003 we had a little 10×10 booth next to Activision’s mega Castle Wolfenstein booth. We prepped for half a day before the show and now five years later we are beginning 3 months in advance. This year we’ve moved up to a huge (for us anyway) 20×20 peninsula booth. One of the new things on display at Comic Con will be the bronze Castle Crashers trophies! Last year’s Alien Hominid HD trophies for the top leaderboard slots went over really well, so we are doing it again for Castle. But this year, instead of genuinely simulated gold we are going all out and doing genuine genuine bronze. If nothing else, at least learning how to cast bronze will be fun! It turns out that casting bronze is a lot harder than any of us imagined…



5 thoughts on “Gnarly Arms”

  1. hooray for trophies!!!
    will be sure to burn my retinas off by playing this game for those trophies 😀

  2. I’ll quest for one of those trophies myself ! Any ideas what sort of competitions you’ll be doing for people to win these delightful trophies ?

    I can has trophy plz ? A Bungie reference but valid non the less.

    Oh yeah an idea. A suit of armour that the behemoth development team have, but they give out a version of the armour to gamers who pull off some crazy stuff ! Sound good ?

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