New Character – Bear

Another character unlock for everyone. This is our bear character who is wielding his deadly fish. We also updated the master character list located here. That’s all for now thanks for stopping by!


18 thoughts on “New Character – Bear”

  1. Take this bear, jam it in a tank, push it down a hill, and you’ve got one mean SOB. Pretty coo Deadly Bluejay

  2. I just noticed that I could post on this site and I would like to express my feelings about this bear, and the fish weopon:

    Gay. Honestly they are both simply gay and ratarded. I can’t wait for castle crashers to be released soon, but I can definately wait for this bear. I can tell you I will not be playing as him.

  3. Actually now that I’ve seen some more screenshots with this bear in it, he’s starting to grow on me. Still hate the fish weapon though…

  4. I’m not crazy about the bear simply because of it’s hands and legs. Instead of having bear claws and feet it looks like it simply has the hands/feet or any other human character in the game. In fact when I first saw it I thought it was one of the Knights wearing a bear mask and vest.

  5. i like da bear. the fish isn’t the best weapon so i will use somethin else. Were do u meet the odd canible bear?

  6. hey leave the bear alone its kul i have it unlocked with the ice sword or the flame on and how to unlock beat it with the red knight then with the skelaton there u go u have kul bear

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