Weapons List

Weapons, weapons, weapons. Spread out throughout the game, you will have many different ways of unlocking over 40 different weapon types! We have shops that you can purchase weapons at, treasure chests you can break, buried weapons, weapons from bosses, even weapons you can buy for an additional cost, just kidding. Anyways, here’s the list, I’ll update this chart as we unveil more. Hope you enjoy your weekends!


10 thoughts on “Weapons List”

  1. Never knew there was a weapons list, like there was for characters. Pretty cool that theres so many unlockables. Its always fun when games let you customize them a bit, like what weapon you can use.

  2. 40 Freaking weapons….holy monkey nuts batman that’s an arsenal. The coolest one I’ve seen so far that isn’t on this list is a sort of red handled white headed spikey mace thing, it would look sweet on Red Knight.

    There are other weapons from the videos, there’s a black truncheon type thing, a silver mace, a double bladed battleaxe, some sort of serated sword and if the Kill the beard game is anything to go by a spike mace, golden spear, fire axe, plunger and a lollipop.

    With all of those that’s still not even half the list! are all these melee weapons? or are some ranged?

  3. curently I am seeing this with 4 hours to go and this chart and the charater chart are still seriously lacking…

  4. i have all of the wepans so if you want the kings septar or something else im GT is my name so if you would like help getting people unlocked i would love to help u

  5. I’d rather have the lollipop and the pink knight than the plunger.

    also i have almos all weapons im only missing bloodstained :/

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