It’s the periwinkle knight.

Another day, another character revealed. We never intended for our characters to have names. A quote from Dan Paladin, “It’s more fun when the characters don’t have a name because then you can inject your own personality into the characters” With that said I am personally going to refer to this guy as “Dude”.



24 thoughts on “It’s the periwinkle knight.”

  1. Ok so i have a question about all these characters (this is a question to emil or whoever admin). Are all the characters on the character page playable characters, or are people like this just bad guys? are they all playable in the story mode or just multiplayer?

  2. is anyone here serious about this game! >_<
    Personally i think you should stay to obious names 😛 like the nights are called, Blue night, red night, orange night, and green night!
    NightGaurd i think ^___^ Glowstick is a good weapon For a Nightgaurd
    Cheers fer reading (if you did ¬___¬)

  3. Hey Emil1 I’m threwing this out there…ah the sword reminded me of the Jedi… Can’t you see it? A stealth Jedi with knight armor. I think that just hit went I say this.

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