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I’m on a BOAT! Um, WE’RE on a boat?

Prisoner #10308 likes the smell of the sea breeze but not when it ruins a good hair day. See his fancy sailor hat? It combines fashion and function. He’s always experiencing a love-hate relationship with the sea. Maybe not the sea, but the situations he finds himself in when he’s out sailing. You’ll quickly find… Read more »

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Hello Flying Kitty!

This week features the gift of flight–WINGS, and Prisoner #10298 from BattleBlock Theater. If asked “which domesticated animal would be the cutest to give wings to,” what would your answer be? Ours would be a kitty. Yeah, yeah we know that you’ve learned that cats in BattleBlock Theater are evil and unforgiving. But not this one. Kitty just wants… Read more »

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Drop it like it’s hot, Ninja-style

We present to you, Ninja. Besides looking (and being) tough, hiding under his black mask that adds to his mysteriousness, he can actually be a nice guy when he wants to be. Oh, and he’s a fast runner too. See how he calmly stands still while the chain of blocks he set off combusts ever… Read more »

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