Leaderboard Competition Update

As of this morning the Official Behemoth Leaderboard Competition begins. There are however a few notes and changes that we want to go over, so please be sure to read the following:

The following WEEKLY leaderboards will be checked on Saturdays 12:00pm – 2:00pm: PST

  • Alien Hominid HD – Main Game – Hard Difficulty – Weekly Leaderboard
  • All You Can Eat – Ranked Match – Weekly Leaderboard

The MONTHLY leaderboards will be checked on the last day of every month
(there is no exact time of reset)

  • PDA Games – Ranked Match – Monthly Leaderboard – Based on highest score

Please note that the Super Soviet Missile Mastar trophy and leaderboard competition is being pushed back until we release our official update for the game. (which we currently don’t have a specific release date for) There was a typo that states the Super Soviet Leaderboard is a “Weekly” leaderboard, where it should be a “Monthly”. So as soon as we get that issue resolved we are putting this specific item on hold. Thanks for understanding.

So to summarize, the competition has started and everything is a go, except for the Super Soviet Missile Mastar prize, which is on hold until we release our update. Please check the Leaderboards section of this page to go over the updated rules and regulations. If you have any questions you can find us on the Xbox Forums where we will be answering all of your questions.

Good luck everyone!

Alien Hominid HD out for XBLA

Alien Hominid HD launched this past Wednesday on the Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points, and it’s been doing amazingly well. We’ve received some outstanding reviews from TeamXbox.com, Gamespot.com and IGN.com, with scores ranging from 8.5 to 9.3! In addition to the launch of the game we’ve been gearing up for our trip up north for the annual Independent Games Festival. we’re up for the Audience Award and Visual Excellence Award for our upcoming title Castle Crashers. A few years back we won three awards at the festival for Alien Hominid (the original version)

Updates will be lacking until we get back on the 12th of March, so in the meantime we suggest you take a look at Alien Hominid HD for the Xbox Live Arcade and if you’re good enough you might qualify to win our coveted Behemoth Trophies

Reviews and Updates

It’s been a hectic week for us, with the launch of the game this past Wednesday and the upcoming trip to San Francisco for the Independent Games Festival we don’t even have time to sit down and play some PDA Games with any of you.

We received some amazing reviews from our friends over at TeamXbox.com, Gamespot.com and IGN.com that we suggest you go check out. Here are some amazing things that have been said so far about Alien Hominid HD:

“At the top of its game. A full package with more than enough laughs.”IGN

“Alien Hominid HD is a charming and challenging arcade-style shooter that everyone should check out.”Gamespot

“Alien Hominid is our new favorite Xbox Live Arcade Title”TeamXbox

We will be gone all next week and won’t be back until Monday, March 12th, so our updates will be lacking until then. In the meantime be sure to head over to Gamespot.com and cast your vote for Castle Crashers, we’re up for the Audience Award and we could definitely use your support.