Week 3 Winners

Our third week brings us our first Hall of Fame winner, Bilgewater! For three consecutive weeks now he has been topping the leaderboards for Alien Hominid. Although he has reached the pinnacle of our competition, his fame will continue to last for ages (too dramatic, I know)

Congratulations to Bilgewater and to McCarrick, he has his second win and is one away from reaching Hall of Fame status as well. If you’re unsure what happens when you reach the Hall of Fame, stick around, we’ll post pictures of the grand prizes before we send them out. Thanks for everyone who participated and remember the competition resets every week, Good luc!.

  • Bilgewater: 3,263,533 points – Alien Hominid
  • McCarrick: 668 bowls eaten – All You Ean Eat

  • Be sure to check out the Hall of Fame for Bilgewaters combined All-Time score and try to set your sights at beating it and being at the coveted Hall of Fame.

    Fan Art

    I’ve been meaning to put up some fan-art that has been sent in over the past few months, so here we go…..
    The Hominid on the car hood was sent in by Jacob, followed by a very nice congratulations on our IGF wins as well as some inspirational words from Owen Watson. Thanks for the support guys and as always feel free to mail us any fan art that you guys have and we will try to get them up.

    Week 2 Winners

    Our second week winners are in and here are the results:

  • Bilgewater: 2,497,559 points – Alien Hominid
  • Eric The Duke: 36,400 points – PDA Games
  • McCarrick: 52 bowls eaten – All You Ean Eat

  • Eric The Duke and Bilgewater have now won two awards and our on their way to the Hall of Fame!
    It’s not too late to get started, all you have to do is play Alien Hominid HD or any of our qualifying mini-games to be eligible. Head on over to our Leaderboards section to read up on all the rules and get started now!