Store Updates

Hello Friends.

I have a few updates to share with everyone. First up our Castle Crashers figurines are now back in stock, yes ! We spent most of last week inside of a warehouse folding boxes and getting everything ready for shipment.

In addition to the figurines now back in stock we’ve added some new products as well!
Behold the Ninja Pirate Tee, and the long awaited Behemoth shirt.

That’s pretty much it for now. More updates to come as we receive them. Thanks!


74 thoughts on “Store Updates”

  1. If this is truly out of your hands at this point, then I apologise for the following. However, we have still not seen an update…therefore, it is neccesary that I finish what I started.


  2. I can connect perfectly with my friends, but the searching for a match doesn’t work for me.

    That being said, i don’t care for that type of online that much, playing Story with your friends is much funner imo.

    But, from what i’ve read from forums, alot more people are having problems than people like myself.

    I hope a patch comes out, i really do.

    That being said, me having no problems with what i like to do, i’d prefer the rumored DLC more ;D (Necromancer knight ftw)

  3. “I was questioning the validity. as you’ve admitted that you don’t know the validity of that statement either”

    I was trying to work with the spirit of the “nearly everybody” statement. Clearly “nearly everybody” was meant to be hyperbole. But the problem is with a good portion of consumers. It was the cherry-picking of “nearly everybody” that I took umbrage with.

    “i can’t find anything to respond to that isn’t namecalling.”
    I honestly don’t know how to take this. If you want to call me names please just get to the point instead of alluding to it. “I’d call you names, but I’m above it” is little better than calling names.

    “really, there’s no need to get personal.”
    Indeed there is not. I don’t believe I was personal at any point in our dialogue. If I crossed the line, please point it out. I certainly did not mean to cross into personal attacks.

    Can we just agree that the following statement was a bit overly optimistic?
    “From this point on we don’t have any control over the release of the TU”.

  4. Just letting you know that I downloaded(and love) your castle crashers premium theme.

    By the way I love castle crashers and I love you guys.

  5. hey, I got the theme too… the morning I downloaded NXE!

    That’s because all my other themes look like crap with the update… XD

  6. My friend and I are looking forward to purchasing Castle Crashers once the Title Update is released, and confirmed to work. The demo was absolutely gorgeous!

    Although I have to admit, I would be a pretty frustrated man if I had bought the game at launch.

  7. Yo Behemoth, why the hell should I buy anything from your store? You released a broken Xbox LIVE arcade title…and over six months since release, it’s STILL not fixed. And, it’s been over two months since you said the patch was sent to MS for approval. Well it doesn’t take over two months for MS to approve a patch.

    Castle Crashers will NOT be fixed.

    Anyone that purchased it, call MS now and DEMAND a full refund. And I certainly hope MS never liscenses a game from Behemoth ever again.

    I’m beginning a class action lawsuit against Behemoth for intentionally releasing a faulty title…anyone interested, email me at

  8. I’ve been looking forward to playing CC since the night after i bought it, i worked for 1 night then save gone, no online play, no nothing. I want the TU for christmas, how bout that in my 360 on christmas day instead of hocking your toys and stuff to everyone, maybe you should use some of that toy cash to pay us back for the broken product that you sold us plus intrest on the six months we’ve been unable to reuse the MS points that you defrauded us of

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