Title Update = DONE!

Early Tuesday morning we received news that the title update had officially passed certification and was ready for release. After some extensive testing and fixing (or as some might say “tinkering”) the update is now ready for release. In theory the update should go live Wednesday at 2AM PST however I’m not sure if that’s exactly the time, either way it comes out December 24th at some time of the day

Some of the issues that we’ve addressed with this update are:

  • Saved data loss issues
  • Quick Match/Custom Match multiplayer games not working/displaying error messages
  • Xbox LIVE games dropping unexpectedly
  • Arena Master achievement will now unlock after any mixed arena matches.
  • Overall network performance improvements
  • A few crash bugs
  • NXE related issues
  • Max experience cap lifted
  • Boomerang exploit is now resolved
  • Alien Hominid can now drop the pitchfork!
  • There are other issues as well and I’ll be gathering the full list and making another update as soon as I can gather all the info together. On behalf of everyone here at The Behemoth I want to thank those who helped out with awesome feedback and support. Although we couldn’t give you daily updates or an exclusive look into the inner workings of how a title update is developed and released we hope that the information that was provided helped inform everyone a little bit more on the process. Thanks again, and we hope you all have a safe holiday break!


    64 thoughts on “Title Update = DONE!”

    1. Didn\’t fix online, give us at least 400 ms points refund cause a big part of the game was playing online with up to 4 friends.
      And to think I wanted Alien Hominid when it was released on the Gamecube, this is the first and last time I buy something related to The Behemoth

    2. Blarg,
      it works for most of us, and the text before you buy the game says that its non-refundable, so you made a commitment into buying this game.
      Oh an by the way, you mean this WAS the first and last time I’ll buy something from The Behemoth.
      Im a grammer Mayan. Oh and they cant refund it, microsoft has too, unless they were called behemoth points πŸ˜›

    3. GRAMMAR Mayan.

      I guess you are not much of a spelling Mayan then, right? πŸ˜›

      But enough of the jokes! Let us see what their next Dev Blog post will be in the upcoming days!

    4. As much as I have been a strong supporter of you guys in the past. I\’m a bit worried this time. I really loved this game and I was really excited that this update would fix some of the issues with online play but there are still a lot of problems with the online play.

      I\’m not sure if it is all the games fault or the server it is running on. (once again not an expert, I just play the games.) but the game doesn\’t seem to respond to 100 % of the commands that are given making it very difficult to accomplish ranked online achievements.

      Also I continue to get errors from time to time about games online and things of that nature. I guess I was hoping to notice a difference in something after the update. I appreciate the effort but not much difference noticed as of yet on my end


    5. Yea yea yea were happy about the update,Now lets see the DLC,or do we wait 3-5 months for that as well.

    6. Sorry guys, it took too long the hype after launch has died down, I still like the game but all my friends lost patience with mulitiplayer long ago, finished it on there own, we are all now different levels and cant be asked to start from the begining. Real shame local co-op was good.

    7. I wonder when the DLC will be here.
      Hopefully it will come sooner than 3 months, eh?

      The hype is down, yeah I agree with most.
      But I think the game is still playable. =]

    8. i suppose if you bought the game right when it was released, you have probably already moved on. i however, bought this game in november.

      i heard about the problems after playing for a few hours than didn’t play until the patch was released for fear of losing my data (only a few hours, but still). so for me, i’m as happy as can be to play this game with no fear of losing data or online issues.

      but i AM curious about the DLC now. but that’s on your time, i’m not going to stand over you and whip your dev team demanding results NOW.

    9. You should be thankful I got snaked out of my money before having a chance to read the forums about the atrocious matchmaking code.

      So much for buying MS titles on launch.

      -Ex customer

    10. Well now that you did that guys, fantastic, now wheres that DLC, oh another 3 months?
      Even with all that damn MONEY YOU HAVE, you cant get more help on the DLC?

      Thanks so much for making the game die out.

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