Cupcake makes a grand entrance into BBT Steam

Hear ye! Hear ye! All ye loyal subjects of the mysterious BattleBlock Theater (Steam version), we introduce to you the most honorable Cupcake of Game 4.


Earlier this week we revealed some more developments on Game 4: the customizable options of our special healing unit, Cupcakes. In honor of this special occasion, Cupcake has made its way over to BattleBlock Theater Steam as a special unlock. Just load up the full version of the game and this character will be added to your Star prisoners.


FeaturePost_cupcake(Exclusive to BattleBlock Theater Steam)


For our players on XBLA, you will be getting two special unlocks this week along with the new Arena Feature. Although not quite edible, these two special unlocks are still pretty sweet! When you load up BBT on XBLA, you’ll get Stubby (which is exclusive to XBLA) and Hatzilla.



Here are our featured Arena playlists for the next two weeks:
XBLA Arena Feature:
Baller 2 by Feaking Jesus
Special unlocks: Stubby (XBLA Exclusive) & Hatzilla


Steam Arena Feature:
BasketBrawl by rpvarela
Special unlock: Cupcake (Steam Exclusive)

Happy Friday! May your weekend be filled with competitive fun in the Arenas.

Cupcake Couture in Game 4


Codenamed “Game 4,” our in-development game has some new additions since you last saw it on our Raptr Extra Life Charity Stream or since you first saw it at PAX Prime in our first live stream demo of Game 4.
We’ve shown you the House with the collection of hairstyles, helmets, and heavy weaponry available for your human heroes. Now we’ve put out a new line of accessories in Game 4!
Today, we’ll just give you a taste of what’s to come by showing off one of our units: Cupcakes. If looks could kill, these Cupcakes would be the deadliest unit on the field!


(All customizable items are subject to change. Our game is still in development, so we can’t guarantee all choices will make the final cut! Fashion trends are always evolving!)
Now you can distinguish your healer by dressing it with a delectable frosting flavor or donning it with a distinctive topping.


Here’s Hushpuppy sporting the hottest new trends for the post-apocalyptic galactic tragedy, lemon meringue! (Bonus! Look for the deep sadness in his eyes)


The catapult connected to this classy Cupcake is not only chic, it’s practical too. Or maybe that’s impractical? No practical, definitely practical.


Up next we have Gluten in the classic vanilla with waffle top look. There’s always a chance Cupcakes won’t heal their target, but that’s ok, because once that scrumptious batter is on the floor then it’s fair game to be picked up by anyone.


Finally, Percy here is staying cozy in a raspberry swirl with a fern on top. You work it, Percy!


Just like any other accessory in Game 4, these Cupcake specific items could pop up for purchase in the Market (if you already have a cupcake in your team), they could be potentially acquired through loot & rewards, or you could always Recruit a Cupcake in battle if they have the desired gear on their being.
Speaking of Recruiting, we’ve alluded to this ability in the game but we haven’t had a chance to show it to you yet. Don’t you worry, my darlings; you’ll be able to see the simplicity of Recruiting in action when we bring Game 4 to PAX East this March!
Until then, come back to the blog soon because we’ll be revealing another creatures’ collection of customizables. FASHION SHOW #2!


*Cupcakes and other creatures are customizable with different loot you find!
*More customized character reveals to come!!!!!!!


Castle Crashers PSN America – 80% OFF until 1/26


For this weekend only, Castle Crashers is a part of the Playstation Flash Sale – Indie Deals. Get the PSN America version of Castle Crashers at 80% OFF the original price — Only $3.00! If you haven’t had a chance to download this PSN title, then we really wonder what’s going on under that helmet of yours. Just kidding! (We don’t want to know.)
No time to beat yourself up over it anyway. You’ve only got until Monday to make sure you purchase the full version so you can get to beating up bosses instead. (Not the ones who write your checks though…)
Sale ends on 1/26/2015, 9AM PT.


The return of The Final Unicorn

We thought it was final, and we suppose it still is Final — here is the return of The Final Unicorn. Look at it and all the majestic glory it represents!

BattleBlock Theater players will have the chance to unlock this reward when completing either the solo or co-op playlist in Furbottom’s Features. This week we have updated the solo playlist in Furbottom’s Features for both XBLA and Steam versions of the game:
Furbottom’s Features Updates
XBLA Solo Feature:
Chapter1 story by justmalice
Difficulty level – Easy
A walk in the laser and buzzsaw filled park. Playlists of this difficulty will be a smooth experience full of interesting ideas more so than relentless challenge. These will generally be easier than the original Story mode campaign.
Steam Solo Feature:
Happy Camp by Stan_
Difficulty level – Intermediate
Oh, the lovely middle. The greenest grass will occasionally be right here, firmly content to be on the fence. Levels in line with the difficulty of the original Story campaign will be here. Expect some challenge, but nothing too strenuous.


A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet

A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet–but we still call it Rose anyway. We’re feeling sweet today, so we’re giving you all flowers when you load up BattleBlock Theater on Steam or Xbox!
We’d like to give virtual flowers to our Arena Playlist Creation Contest winners as well! They were featured previously, but it seems most appropriate to start out 2015 with a strong set of levels. Give it up again for two of the best community-made arena playlists of 2014:


Arena Features in BattleBlock Theater
XBLA Arena Feature:
Arcadia by MeltedCow
Bang for your buck — that’s what this playlist offers its players. Many of the levels in this playlist feel like two levels in one! Switches, paths and judicious use of clever block placement generate levels that can evolve and change as you play or offer great risk/reward benefits as you decide which paths to take. Be sure to check out the final stage in this playlist where you can adjust your difficulty, strategy and even your score objective. It’s the ultimate expression of this particular concours ultimate playlist!
Steam Arena Feature:
Game of Kings by Frog Fractions (formerly Hexadoodle)
Checkmate. Dramatically, this playlist was the last playlist we saw when judging the competition. Just like the pivotal move in a chess match — you know, besides stalemates or dumping the pieces on the floor — this playlist bested its competition through cunning design and execution. Each level within this playlist is creatively themed around chess, its pieces and their movements. You’ll be chopping wood throughout this full complement of friendly game modes. A book-win for Frog Fractions!

Enjoy your weekend with some fun fighting!