Me, Myself, and Meebs

FeaturePost_MEEBSThere’s no creature more magnificent than me… unless it’s Meebs! Yes, our kimo-kawaii (translation: “cute, yet creepy”) friend is back in BattleBlock Theater for a limited time only. Just load up the full version of the game to unlock Meebs.
Also up for a limited time only are our new featured arena playlists in both the XBLA and Steam editions. Click on the playlist names below to get a better idea of what’s to come when you play the Arena Feature:
XBLA Arena Feature:
Red vs Blue by Brutal Berserk
Steam Arena Feature:

Ballout by echoplex

Note: If you have already unlocked Meebs in the past, then you will not get a notification for the unlock.

The Research Centaur reveals methods for #KittenConsul

Our friends over at The Research Centaur get to play the coolest games. They’ve done UX+QA testing for awesome games like these games! Pound-sign: jelly.
Now, they’ve got their eyes on another potential game project — #KittenConsul! But they’ll need your help to get their hooves on all of those Exploding Kittens. The more likes they get, the more likely it’ll be that these Centaurs get to hold Kittens.
Click here to read TRC’s official blog post on their contest entry.
Now without further ado, The Research Centaur reveals their secret methods for #KittenConsul:

(Be sure to LIKE the video if you think TRC is the best choice to hold a playtest party for Exploding Kittens!)


Super Heroes & Hellish Hazards in BBT

We’ve got an exciting line up for you in BattleBlock Theater this week. (So exciting, it may just soil your undies… o_O)
Furbottom’s Features Solo Playlists:
XBLA Solo Playlist:
Super Heroes by edwinewe
Difficulty : Intermediate

Steam Solo Playlist:
Hellish Hazards by SilentKnight96
Difficulty : Expert

MrPeabody210x235 For your dedication as the main super hero of your trials or for your triumph over hellish hazards, you’ll be awarded with our own special little guy in BattleBlock Theater. Mr. Peabody has got the super hero attire on lock-down. Not only is he wearing undies outside where the sun does shine, he’s got a super solid mask. BOOM. 2 birds with 1 stone.
(If you already have Mr. Peabody in your list of Star prisoners, then you will not be receiving an unlock notification.)

Difficulty level explanations:

Furbottom’s Features vs. Friday the 13th Part 2

It’s the 2nd Friday the 13th of the year!  Which means multiple things: Stay away from Crystal Lakes, hockey masks and cabins in the woods…  But more importantly, it means it’s another weekly installment of Furbottom’s Features!  This week we will be featuring Arena playlists created by the community.  Which is really quite fitting given the holiday (Yes, Friday the 13th is a holiday).




Speaking of “fitting” for the holiday, the prisoner that will be released today when entering Furbottom’s Features will be none other than 25% Off Prisoner.   Please note, this special lil’ guy will only be available for a limited time.  If you already have 25% Off  in your list of Star prisoners, then you will not be receiving an unlock notification.  True story.


Here are this week’s updates in Furbottom’s Features:


XBLA Arena Feature:

Battle by DeputyDonut27


Steam Arena Feature: 

Ancient Arena by Pat_rick75


Safe Journey!




PAX East 2015 – Day 3

In a flash, it’s over. PAX East 2015 ended and all we’re left with are warm memories of a cold city. Day 3 was especially eventful because we added a Super Soviet Missile Mastar (Sunday Funday) High Score Contest!

PAX East 2015 - SSMM Winner

The person who showed us the highest score by 4pm received a full set of pins from our Series 4 set. Can you believe that this gentleman here hit 33,173?! Great job, Ronald!
In the early afternoon, a few of us took a quick break to go support our Research Centaur UX+QA Director, Lindsay, as she spoke on the panel called “Includification: 5 Easy Steps to Make Your Game Accessible.” (You go, Lindsay!)
We also added another autograph signing for a chance to meet & greet with Tom and Will! (By the way, it was Will’s birthday on this last day of PAX East! Leave him a birthday message below if you love himmmmm!)


You can see all the photos of the signing and other Day 3 event photos HERE.

Overall, it was another amazing year in Boston. Thanks to the attendees who took the time to play our demo of Game 4 and thanks to those who supported us by purchasing our official merch at the gift shop! We really travel thousands of miles and brave the cold for you guys and gals.
Check out our video recap of the expo by our friend, Paul:

In case you missed it, here’s the set up video he edited for us as well:

Thanks again, PAX East! ‘Til next time…