Pit People Hair Trolls: Clumps of hair with teeth

They attacked in the middle of the night: A Hair Troll, a Mushroom, a Cyclops, and a Human

They attacked in the middle of the night: A Hair Troll, a Mushroom, a Cyclops, and a Human


Hello, potential patrons of the Pit! We’re currently still working out the details of our Pit People closed beta, which we’ve announced will be coming to Xbox One first with Steam to follow. The plan will be to post the registration form online as soon as we can!
In the meantime, let me introduce you to one of my personal favorite fighters in our game: Hair Trolls. These gigantic creatures rock their strength with shiny, black tresses all over their bodies.


PAX East 2016 – Raffle Winners

Jay happily working at the booth and helping people with sign ups

Jay happily working at the booth and helping people with sign ups


At PAX East this year, we had early sign ups for our Pit People closed beta, which has been announced to come to Xbox One first, and then Steam to follow. On top of entering our closed beta, attendees were also able to opt into a raffle for a chance to win a new Xbox One!
Today, we drew a few winners for various prizes, including a Pit People t-shirt, Behemoth Chicken plush, and the grand prize of a signed Xbox One. Here are the winners:

Pit People logo tee
Winners Drawn:

-Christian Tremblay

-Kyle Kellogg



Behemoth Chicken Plushie
Winners Drawn:

-Josh Arbic

-Alicia De Fonte


GRAND PRIZE: New Xbox One signed by Pit People dev team
Winner: Matt Fielden

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and took the time to sign up! Congratulations to the winners!
Our next raffle will be held at the Rooster Teeth Expo, from July 1-3 in Austin. See you all then!


PAX East 2016 – Day 3 + Press Coverage

Updated 5/4/2016 – Additional press links

PAX East 2016 – Day 3 Photos

After three full days of showing off Pit People and our other games, our team is home now after some adventures in Boston for PAX East. We’re back to development and getting ready for the Pit People closed beta. You can sign up for our e-newsletter now to get our latest game updates, including notice when the closed beta registration form goes online.
For those who didn’t make it out to PAX East for our early sign ups, we’ll be posting more info and the registration form in the next few weeks.
For those who signed up at PAX East, we’ll be sending out an email in the next couple weeks to everyone and this Friday we’ll email out to those who wanted to opt in on the raffle. Keep an eye on your inboxes!


Press Coverage of Pit People

At this year’s PAX East, we had our first demo of Pit People co-op! It was awesome to get so much positive feedback from players on the show floor. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to try our games on our custom built arcade cabinets!
We also had several interviews and they’re starting to pop up now. Here are just a few we’d like to share:
Video coverage:

‘AVE A GANDER AT – Pit People

Pit People @ PAX East 2016

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The Behemoth’s Pit People Interview | TYF @ PAX East 16
Written coverage:
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Podcast coverage:
PAX East 2016 Interview: The Behemoth’s John Baez Talks Pit People

More articles, podcasts, and videos to come! We’ll also post on the Pit People Facebook when we get some more coverage to share.

PAX East 2016 – Day 2

Saturday at PAX East 2016 included special visits from Castle Crashers cosplayers and they all looked amazing!

IMG_5736 IMG_5742

There was a lot of love for Blue Knight this year!

We also continued to hand out free Pit People bags and Behemoth lanyards. Look at how happy we are to give out free swag!

In the final hour of Day 2, we took a stroll over to the Rooster Teeth stage to watch Cow Chop take on Pit People.


For more photos, check out our Flickr album from Day 2 of PAX East.