Happy Wars & Castle Crashers Collaborative Event!


Photo from PlayXBLA


We’re doing a collaborative event with Happy Wars for Xbox LIVE Arcade (XBLA)! By playing the Bounty Hunters mode in Happy Wars, you will receive equipment styled after our Blue Knight and our Barbarian.
Also, if you have at least one unlocked Achievement from Castle Crashers, you will get one Barbarian item right away! (Not a bad deal, eh? Play more, unlock more!)
Go play Bounty Hunters game mode in Happy Wars now, and then get some shiny new blue knight’s armor or put on the horned helmet of our Barbarian!
The Castle Crashers & Happy Wars collaboration event runs from April 17th (Thursday) to April 23rd (Wednesday).


New BBT Arena Feature & Steamroll Vic #2

#TGIF – Thank goodness it’s Friday. Fridays = New Furbottoms Features!


This week, team up with your favorite friends and bestest enemies in the Arena Feature created by Har poutyfungus, a community member of BattleBlock Theater. Play “Death Arena 2″ playlist in BattleBlock Theater on XBLA this weekend.
And if you haven’t unlocked this flat-faced friend already, then you’ll be able to get Steamroll Victim #2 just for being logged in during an online area. Special prisoner–GET!


PAX East 2014 Recap – Pics & Game Announcements


Now that our multiple cats are out of the bag (meow), we wanted to do a big recap of our events at PAX East 2014 and the updates we brought with us to the show. Here’s the who, what, where, when, how much, etc., of the Behemoth PAX East booth and announcements in recent PAX news: