Comic Con Merch & Daily Raffle

hattybust We’ve only got a couple more days to go before San Diego Comic Con starts! Woohoo!
This week, we’ll be in the San Diego Convention Center at Booth 229 with our video games in our custom built arcade cabinets, and a large variety of game merchandise in our booth gift shop. There’s too much to list, but here are a few items we’d like to put the spot light on:



Game 4? t-shirt and our other tees will be $20



Our BattleBlock Theater and Castle Crashers hats are $15


Our life-sized cupcake from our game in development, Game 4 (a working title), will also be at our booth. Be sure to take a photo with the statue and tweet using both hash tags (#Game4Cupcake #SDCC2014) to enter our daily raffle. We’ll choose a winner each day at noon (except on Preview Night). You could win some wonderful game merch!
To read more about our events at the booth, check out the schedule HERE. See you this week!


BBT Arena Features and Steam Selling/Trading on pause

This week we’ve put a couple of things on pause for different reasons. We wanted to keep you up to date and keep you in the know.
Arena Features – Community Playlists on Pause
Since we’re doing an Arena Playlist Creation Contest that runs until August, we’ve decided to bring back Arena Features “FightForLove” (in XBLA) and “FightForOurLove” (in Steam) in BattleBlock Theater. These are playlists created by our level designers at The Behemoth. We’re giving our community members a chance to create a new playlist to submit and not worry about the rule that excludes any previously Featured community playlist from being submitted. Arena Features will return to highlighting new community playlists after the Contests ends on August 15th.

Trading and Selling Special Unlocks in Steam on Pause
(for up to two weeks at a time)


We will be delaying the ability to sell and trade newly released special unlocks for up to two weeks after release–depending on how long that unlock is available. The prisoner will still be available to unlock as usual and will be present in your inventory. However, you will not be able to sell or trade them until they are rotated out and new prisoners are released. This will help to minimize the creation of duplicates within the market at this time. Big thanks to the Steam Community for the recommendation!
This new policy will start with this week’s special prisoner unlocks. It does not affect special prisoners that were previously released.


Speaking of special prisoner unlocks, we’ve got two of them for you this week and all you need to do is log in! Load up your full version of BattleBlock Theater XBLA or Steam to get Donuts and Troll. It’s a wonderfully delicious combination if we do say so ourselves!


For those of you who may not know, the Troll character was originally co-starring in our 2nd game, Castle Crashers!. This same troll was featured in a Throwback Thursday reveal of our original gameplay, which was posted yesterday:



The Troll has come a long way since this Castle Crashers demo we showed at Comic Con 2005!


SDCC 2014 Prep


There’s so much to do!


There’s just five more days until San Diego Comic Con 2014! We’ve been hard at work in the warehouse and preparing for the Con by making figurine boxes packed with Castle Crashers knights. Next on our list will be checking all the inventory we’re bringing, packing it out, and moving it over to the Convention Center the night before Preview Night. To see it all set up, come to our Booth next week at Comic Con (Booth 229)!





We’ll be posting more details soon about the merchandise we’ll be selling at Booth 229, but here’s a little taste of what we’ll have there:



We’re bringing Busts of Hatty, 12 t-shirt designs, Castle Crashers figurines, and more!