Happy Independence Day Weekend!

BOOM! That’s how fireworks are going to sound this weekend as the U.S. celebrates the Fourth of July. It’s also the name of the prisoner we are re-releasing in BattleBlock Theater!

This week, load up BattleBlock Theater to unlock BOOM! (Note: If you already have BOOM in your array of special star prisoners, then you won’t be getting an unlock notification.)
You can also load up the Arena Feature since it just got updated to another awesome playlist made by a community member!
XBLA Arena Feature:
Steam Arena Feature:
Forest Arena by Echoplex

Have a fun weekend, everyone!

Castle Crashers Remastered – A sit down with Mr. Paladin


We’ve recently announced Castle Crashers Remastered in all its glory! I wanted to take this time to talk about why we decided to do this and what it means to us.
About a year ago we started thinking about the future. Castle Crashers would disappear along with lots of other games once the “Last Gen” would wave goodbye. We’d all move onto our new consoles and Castle Crashers would be stuck there on the old ones. We didn’t really like the idea of the game no longer being available to you guys or any newcomers. Millions of people have enjoyed the game and written into us with such amazing experiences, it seemed like it’d be a loss to just let it vanish for any new or returning console players.

We chose to bring Castle Crashers Remastered to the Xbox One seeing as Castle Crashers’ original home was on the Xbox 360, having more than 4 million happy players! And for you PC gamers who might be curious, Castle Crashers on Steam will in fact receive these same updates to the game in the future!!!

This is a game that means a lot to us. It was a very defining moment for us as a company. Your continued support has brought us all the way to this point, which is almost EIGHT YEARS after its release! Seriously, THANK YOU!

So instead of simply porting it we felt like we should update it and make improvements. Math time!!!! The original Castle Crashers shows 407,040 pixels at any given moment at 30 frames per second. Castle Crashers Remastered is displaying 2,073,600 pixels at any given moment all while 60 frames per second. That’s 5.094 times more pixels shown at double the framerate! For anyone wanting to see a visual of what that means for the size and clarity of the resolution, please see this:

The game seriously feels better due to its buttery smoothness in all its double frame rate speeds all while and it looks nicer with much larger textures. But we didn’t just end there!

Super Mega64 meets BattleBlock Theater

Edit: If you missed the live stream on June 30, 2015, the videos can be found here.

This month, we partnered up with Mega64 to do some super sweet stuffs. Derrick Acosta from Mega64 is a fan of level building, so he created a Solo Adventure Playlist in BattleBlock Theater. We’re highlighting the playlist as part of Furbottom’s Features, so you’ll have a chance to play “Super Mega64!” Read our level designers’ comments on the playlist and see some sneak peek screen shots here.

You can also check out their design process in the video below. The recording is from a live stream they did a couple weeks ago on their segment called “Poorly Played Stream.” Warning: some strong language may be inappropriate for the ears of young children…

Watch live video from Mega64Podcast on Twitch


Mega64’s playlist was originally created on the XBLA version of BattleBlock Theater, but our Behemoth level design team copied their levels block by block, using the BBT level editor, and put the playlist up in Steam. So both Steam and XBLA players will get to experience this rad set of levels birthed by the brains of Mega64!
Oh and speaking of birth, you’ll be able to get Manbirth when you complete either the Solo or Co-Op Furbottom’s Features! Get this strangely appropriate special unlock for a limited time only!



Continuing with the awesome collaboration, we’re doing a live stream with Mega64 on June 30th, from 3:30-4:30PM PDT! We’ll be playing through the “Super Mega64″ playlist on Furbottom’s Features and chatting with the guys about what’s good. We’ll also be keeping an eye on the chat room, so feel free to drop us a line while you’re watching live.


Bookmark or subscribe to our Twitch channel and be sure to come watch next Tuesday!


E3 2015 Recap


This year’s E3 in Los Angeles was certainly exciting for many reasons. So many rad developers have projects that are coming to fruition on all platforms and we’re looking forward to seeing them. Our own projects, Castle Crashers Remastered and Game 4, were also included in E3 as part of Microsoft’s briefing on June 15th.


While we didn’t exhibit this year at E3, we did head over to the convention hall to do an interview with the Xbox team to show off Castle Crashers Remastered and our in-development game, code named “Game 4.” Check out our segment of the interview here:

Finally, if you want to see some more behind the scenes shots from our time at Xbox Daily: Live @ E3, you can check out our Flickr Album.

Dan (left) and John (right) getting their faces on for the cameras.

Dan (left) and John (right) getting their faces on for the cameras. More powder = less shine.

Leave us your comments below and let us know how we did on the interview!


Comic Con 2015 is just weeks away!


We’re excited to start up our next round of expos we’ll be attending this year. We’re going to kick off the summer shows with San Diego Comic Con!
This year, we’ll be at Booth # 229 (it’s in the gaming section of the exhibit hall) and you’ll be able to catch all of our custom built arcade cabinets featuring our games: Game 4, BattleBlock Theater, Alien Hominid HD, and Castle Crashers. Our Castle Crashers arcade cabinet will actually be newly refurbished to run our upcoming Xbox One edition: Castle Crashers Remastered!
Come stop by to say hi and get the unique experience of playing our games on our rad arcade set up! See you July 9 thru July 12!