Tokyo Game Show 2010

Hello again!

Team Tokyo has been hard at work constructing our biggest and most ambitious booth ever for Tokyo Game Show! Business Days begin tonight and the show will be open to the public Sept 18th and 19th. In Tokyo? We’re at at booth #5-N6 of the entrancingly named “General Area”.  Come by and check out our ridiculous booth and say hi to the guys! We’re setting up a few live webcams to stream live from the show. Emil will embed those here when they get going later tonight. Witness adventure unfold.

Observe here some photographic evedince after the jump of the crazy awesomeness that is our booth. Complete with giant inflatable chicken.



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Thanks for playing!

Hello out there in Behemothtown!

We’d like to thank everyone that has written in to tell us about their experiences playing Castle Crashers on PSN. It makes us really happy to see the game available to so many new players, and we always enjoying hearing from people playing the game for the first time.

Thanks also to those who have brought game issues to our attention over email or in our forums. It seems that one of the songs (when you open a treasure chest) has gone wandering off, and this sometimes results in a weird noise instead. We’ve located the wayward tune and you’ll be jamming to the appropriate treasure grabbing beats in no time.  We’re also working to address a crash that occurs after beating the final boss with 4 players with all players specifically using the default knights. This issue is definitely being addressed, but in the meantime, as long as at least one of your 4 player party is not a default knight, this issue won’t occur. Another thing that we are working on is tweaking the multiplayer settings for improved performance.  Because these issues do not occur in our or Sony’s test environments, this will likely take more time, but thanks to the helpful reports from players we’ve got a lot of information to draw from.

While our indefatigable programmers and Testopia are working on that, Team Tokyo has already arrived in Japan to start getting our booth ready for Tokyo Game Show! If you should find yourself in the magical land of Tokyo  Sept 18th and 19th come visit us at booth #5-N6 of the excitingly named “General Area”.