BBT Furbuttom’s Features & CatControl Unlock

Yesterday, we had our first live stream of Design with the Devs, where our level design team discussed three candidates for the co-op Furbottom’s Features. Today, we reveal the chosen one for solo and co-op! *Drum roll*

Solo Furbottom’s Feature: Welcome Home

Co-Op Furbottom’s Feature: Can’t Compare Love

You can find the detailed descriptions of each playlist when you go to the Furbottom’s Features section of the official BattleBlock Theater website.

FeaturePost_CatControlAnd as always, the new solo and co-op Furbottom’s Features bring a new prisoner unlock when you complete either of the two playlists!

For the next two weeks, you’ll be able to get Cat Control, a mini-cat controlling the body of your prisoner. How freaky is that?

If you’re interested in learning more about how to design playlists using the BattleBlock Theater level editor, join the discussion in our forums HERE.

BBT Rose [Prisoner] – a Mother’s Day Gift


This Sunday we celebrate the hard work of mamas everywherebaby mamas, sugar mamas, soccer mamas, etc. And what better way to celebrate than to let a new prisoner out of their cage, just like mama did when we were good.
From today until next Thursday only, if you log in to your Xbox LIVE account and play the full version of BattleBlock Theater, you’ll receive Rose. While most roses are red, some have arms and legs too, don’t mess with this one or you’ll be black and blue!  

Love you, mama!

Happy Mother’s Day!