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Anna The Red!

We’d like to introduce a new member to The Behemoth team… Anna The Red! Her vibrant energy injects a new flow of enthusiasm in the office, and we’re very happy to have her in the office! This is a special position she’s posted to, our very own Plush Designer! She’s got an amazing portfolio which… Read more »

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No Power!

About a week ago here at the Behemoth, we had a little electrical problem. It was sometime in the middle of the day, sometime in the middle of week, (we’re all about the specifics) when all of our power backup units started beeping and going crazy. Glancing over at our network servers we noticed all… Read more »

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Last Week …………

Last week at the office we put together all of the sticker packs that we are giving away for the Game Informer contest. There are roughly 150 envelopes we are sending out, 5 of which are our randomly selected winners who will receive a Alien Hominid T-Shirt. Here are a few other pictures of the… Read more »

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