Dan Paladin; Best Blogger of 2009

I wonder what your new year resolution was? I don’t know what mine was, either!  If you have not read about the Title Update or the King DLC pack, please refer to the previous posts on our devblog!

Please allow me to share some new kinds of information:

– The Devblog has received a facelift! And a rainbow. This is to commemorate the mental shift achieved one notch higher than “tubular”.  We will tell you about our travels, our new cool stuff we’re building, and of COURSE we’ll keep you up to date on the new projects as soon as they are ready to be revealed.

– One of Emil’s secret powers is suppressing refracted light. I don’t know how that power can really do much. I don’t have the power so I can’t really tell if it is helpful or not.

– We’ve been prototyping a new title.  A new game, YES!!  Sorry, I can’t tell you what it is yet! I can tell you though that we are off to a very strong & solid start.  The game has proven to be a lot of fun for the people that we’ve shown!  Perhaps we can start posting imagery later on and begin a guessing game about the game. It’s like two games in one! Maybe we’ll just flat out tell you, though, and ruin the guessing game. 

You can talk about the new title on our forums at http://forums.thebehemoth.com

– Castle Crashers has returned victorious from battle being the #1 most popular XBLA game of 2008. Despite being released late in the year, Castle Crashers has achieved slot #17 on the most played XBOX 360 games (retail included) of all of 2008! Whoa!! Source: http://majornelson.com/archive/2009/01/04/the-top-20-live-games-of-2008.aspx      I am so proud of our team!!    Good job guys!!!

It seems that swords are smashing into shields around the world. While that makes me extremely nervous it also makes me very happy that you guys have enjoyed the game we have worked  on these past few years!  The leaderboards reflect 601,000 players right now!

– I’d like to take this time out to award myself as “Best Blogger of 2009”.   You know, looking back it was a really tough choice!!   I couldn’t help but feel biased during deliberation…. but…. it really just seemed like the right thing to do.  I’d like to thank myself for this award.  I’d also like to thank technology.  Please do not think this award will inhibit the quality of my future posts.  

Creepy question of the year: If you eat enough faces…… does that mean you can become the center of all faces?