DIY Castle Crashers Helmet

Orange Knight Signs at Comic Con 2009

Comic Con 2009 had a special visitor- The Orange Knight came by to sign autographs with Dan and the Orange Princess! Since we like to build stuff here at the Behemoth, I’m going to detail how I made the helmet. There’s no right or wrong way to build them, but this one is light and durable and provides good visibility. The one thing you might need to order is the foam filter material I used for white cross on the front. The pores of the foam are pretty far apart, so the visibility out of the helmet is great. This is what I ordered:

Polyurethane Foam Air Filter Pad, 1/4″ thick item # 9803K3 from 20 pores per inch.

Everything else you can get at a hardware store. You’ll need a five gallon bucket, mat knife, cardboard, paint, scrap foam blocks (rigid styrofoam, like packing material) and soft foam, hot glue, Elmers white glue, Gorilla glue (for filling gaps) and tape. Ready, Set, GO!
1.We’ll start with a 5 gallon bucket for rigidity and durability. But it is heavy!

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