Castle Crashers 50% off on XBLA!

Recently we’ve been tracking Castle Crashers ranking on XBLA based on user reviews. We’ve been very fortunate thanks to our amazing fans for having the top spot for highest player-rated XBLA title, but something that’s been very exciting for us to see lately is that we’re in the Top 5 for the Action & Adventure genre for the entire service! Right now we’re sitting in 4th place in front of some massive titles like Bioshock and Red Dead Redemption. Pretty awesome, no?

Speaking of awesome, Castle Crashers is going on SALE on XBLA! This Friday, April 15th, Castle Crashers will be just 600 chickenwings. We’re celebrating Leonardo Da Vinci’s Birthday! And Tax Day! And the Sinking of the Titanic! Take your pick, and pick up Castle at half off in this one day discount.

In other news, you can check out a podcast with BattleBlock Theater Level Designer Aaron Jungjohann over on Front Towards Gamer. We’ve also dontated a bunch of goodies inlcuding some stealthy camouflage Castle Crashers stickers to their sister company Operation Supply Drop which sends video games, consoles, and other gaming goodies to troops deployed overseas!

Battleblock Theater – Opening Cinematic

One thing that was overwhelming for us at PAX East this year was the enormous response we had for our BattleBlock Theater demo. There was a line to play the game about 20 people deep the entire show!
Like most shows we attend we had great opportunities to talk to those of you who made it out and it really was great to see such a positive response from the latest build. With that said, we wanted to show you our brand new opening cinematic from the game.

We’re very happy with how this intro cinematic has turned out and your positive energy fuels our development train right off a cliff into a endless pit of joy and tears. If you did manage to miss the show, don’t worry we’ll be back in July for Comic-Con with another playable build of the game and as many arcade cabinets as we can fit inside our booth.

Below are some of the many articles that came from the show about Battleblock Theater as well as our booth at PAX:


What did you think of the intro? As always we love to hear your feedback and response.