Alien Hominid Invasion Steam Competition Winners!

It’s time to announce the winners of our recent Alien Hominid Invasion Steam competitions!

Co-op Fresh Profile High Score Challenge Normal

Winners: Crispysense and Sneaky Ostrich

Co-op Fresh Profile High Score Challenge INSANE

Winners: Taechuk and DestroyerArcher with a combined score of 64,263,256

Solo INSANE Speedrun Orbiter Mutation Challenge

Winner: Leeleechu with a time of 6:07

Shout out to Taechuk, Bruh Momento, and Mocha Joe for entering with impressive times!

Six minutes?????? How did this level 551 invader do it? Was it the level 10 Energy Knife? The incredible crit boost?! The pro speedrun strats of choosing a path with both a bonus level AND hideout? Congratulations to Leeleechu for finding the magic sauce for this one.

As for the Show Offs… well, it seems the aliens were too shy to show off their skills. That’s okay! Invaders are more humble than we thought. We might try a “how far can you go?” approach with Show Off in the future. YOU WILL SHOW OFF YOUR SKILLS. Next time! 🐔

Sending a big chicken BAWK to all who participated. For those on console itching for some chaotic competition, have no fear! The update will be landing to Xbox and Nintendo Switch very soon, and we have something fun planned for you all. Until next time! BAAA-BAAAWK!