New Intel From the Mothership – Alien Hominid Invasion Update

Greetings earthlings! It’s been a while since we’ve sent an intel transmission down to Earth from the Mothership…

We’re here today to give you some secret deets straight from the aliens themselves! While we’re mostly working on creating epic boss battles to elevate your human gaming experience, we have a ton of smaller additions we’re ready to share with you.

Updates detailed in this post will include changes to enemy visuals, game difficulty, helper AI aliens, and weapon attacks. Now, what we’ve all been waiting for – juicy deets on the game updates!

1) Sweeper enemies are a lot more (visually) sweepery, and they can now swarm levels!

A swarm happens when a large amount of a single enemy type appears randomly in your level. Getting swarmed by Flybot Sweepers is a bit scary, as you’ll have to dodge (or jump over) a ton of green beams at once.

2) Shields from loot now show a rotating shield and provide lots of health!

Some alien heads have ‘shield’ modifiers on them, providing a much-needed buff to navigate the hazards that Alien Hominid Invasion brings. The shield only guards the part of the player it is facing, which makes dodging bullets more fun!

3) All aliens are now a bit squishier, making the game a tad more difficult.

*sad alien squish* Remember to dodge, jump, and dig your way around the enemy forces… and use your new fancy schmancy rotating shield to dodge bullets, of course!

4) Helper AI aliens will now stay on your shoulders and fire along with you!

Little AI aliens can spawn in to help you out; they come with their own weapons ready to crawl onto your shoulders and melt the enemy. You can also ride on their shoulders, only getting knocked off if you take damage from an enemy.

5) Danger level is now shown on the bottom of the invasion map and rises with every city block cleared.

This way, you can have a little more heads up as to what is waiting on the other side.

6) Last but certainly not least, some weapons have bigger, better, and STRONGER charge attacks!

We tweaked some of the charge shots and they look suuuuuuper cool and a lot more murdery. The Six Chambers gun (above) now has a ricochet charge shot that bounces off the edge of the screen!

The Sawed Off gun’s charge shot now has a bouncy shotgun shell.

The alien’s Photon gun now has a better charge shot that reaches farther and deals slightly more damage, but the projectile moves slower than before.

The Acid Shot gun now has a charge shot that has bouncing blobs of green goo!

That’s all for today’s development update! Looking for more intel? Have no fear — we actually have loads more updates to share with all of you humans, so be on the lookout for another dev stream coming early next year!

Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share about our upcoming game? If you have yet to join, be sure to check out our Discord server, where you can chat with our devs and other fans of The Behemoth’s games.

Until next time, earthlings!